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Perth Arena

  • Entry

    This year students will use the main entrance into the venue. However, we will also be activating the lighting panels above each door so that teachers will be able to see exactly where their choir should line up to enter. The names of each choir will be displayed in lights – Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart.

  • How will 4,000 students exit the Performance Area?

    Designated exits for each choir will operate. Parents will meet their child in an allocated area. Perth Arena Security is going to assist us with this process.

  • At the end of the concert, can my parents collect their child from the performance floor?

    No.  Schools will be allocated an area where children will meet their parents.

  • Can Parents watch the rehearsal?

    No, it will be a closed rehearsal. No members of the public will be able to view the rehearsal.

  • What are the toilet facilities like at Perth Arena and will there be enough for 4,000 students?

    Toilets are in abundance at P/A. However, we will require Choir helpers to supervise students from their school when going to the toilet area. Schools will be asked to limit the number of students leaving from their choir at any one time, to ensure the area is not over crowded. This process will be discussed in the last Workshop.

  • How can my school get to the Perth Arena venue?

    Bus or Train one way only from school – for Evening and both ways for Matinee (remember the train station is only a few hundred metres from the Perth Arena) Parents/Carers are responsible after the Evening concert for their own child for the return journey home. This procedure may be different for students from country schools who are making the journey on school buses.

    Bus arrivals will be supervised by Advanced Traffic Management personnel. ATM is also responsible for the road closure alongside the P/A where students cross to come into the arena.

Music Teachers



  • How many helpers do we bring?

    The rehearsal is only for 1.5 hours so minimal helpers will be required. We suggest one helper per 25-30 children and extra helpers for children with special needs.

    All helpers will receive a lanyard and no unauthorised people will be able to enter the venue.

  • What will my helpers be expected to do?

    Assist with students as required; supervision of students in their choir lines, toilets, water spills, first aid, etc.

  • Where will my helpers sit during the performance and how will they get access to the students?

    A minimum number of helpers will be seated along each side of the performance area, along with music teachers. Tickets will not be required, however a specific lanyard will be to stay in the bowl during the performance. Due to limited space, all other helpers without will be required to sit in the audience. Discounted tickets can be purchased at the time of registration . We will be speaking about the helpers’ roles at the workshops.

Young Talent

Young Talent auditions have closed.  Talented performers have been selected to perform at each concert.


On Registration schools will indicate if their Principal will be attending. Schools will be responsible for accessing this ticket. This will be $25.00. A total of five tickets per school are available at this discounted price.  Any extra ticket required will be at the regular price. OBV will no longer be distributing individual Principal tickets.


Costs will be:

Premium $50 (Front 2 rows of each section)
Adult $37
Concession $25
Family (2 Adult, 2 Concession) $115


* this section could be revised/updated throughout the year

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