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RAC Arena

  • Entry

    Students will use the main entrance into the venue. The lighting panels above each door show teachers where their choir should line up to enter. The names of each choir will be displayed in lights – Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart.

  • How will 4,000 students exit the Performance Area?

    Designated exits for each choir will operate. Parents will meet their child in an allocated area. RAC Arena Security assists us with this process.

  • At the end of the concert, can parents collect their child from the performance floor?

    No.  Schools will be allocated an area where children will meet their parents.

  • Can Parents watch the rehearsal?

    No, it will be a closed rehearsal. No members of the public will be able to view the rehearsal.

  • What are the toilet facilities like at Perth Arena and will there be enough for 4,000 students?

    Toilets are in abundance at RAC Arena. However, we will require Choir helpers to supervise students from their school when going to the toilet area. Schools are asked to limit the number of students leaving from their choir to 5 students at any one time, to ensure the area is not over crowded.

    Students are only to return to their groups during breaks to avoid interruptions when students are singing.

    This process will be discussed in the Workshops.

  • How can my school get to the Perth Arena venue?
    • Matinee performance – Students will come to the arena and return home again by bus or train [within walking distance of the RAC Arena].
    • Evening performance – Students will come to the arena by bus or train.  Parents/Carers are responsible for collecting their child/ren for the return journey home. Please remind parents that bus and train fare is included with their performance ticket.
    • Country schools – This procedure may be different for students from country schools who are making the journey on school buses.

Music Teachers

  • Do Music teachers need to attend all three workshops?

    Yes. The three Workshops are essential. We gather and disseminate information, show choreography and explain procedures. Planning for the Teachers’ song and any modifications are clearly explained at the Workshops.

  • Do Music teachers need to wear a lanyard as well as the choir helpers?

    Yes, with so many students and adults at this event, we are extremely safety conscious. We will provide these to the teachers and the helpers accompanying each choir. Without an identification lanyard, RAC Arena security will not allow any person onto the performance floor.

  • Do I have to conduct any of the songs?

    No.  It is not compulsory to conduct. However, it is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who would like to have a go.

  • Where do Music Teachers sit throughout the performance especially if they are conducting?

    Music Teachers will be positioned in front of their choir with one helper plus any Special Needs Education Assistants. Staff on the floor should actively monitor student wellbeing and behaviour by standing amongst the students throughout the rehearsal. During the concert however, helpers are asked to vacate the floor.  Excess helpers will move to vacant audience seats once the concert begins. (CLICK HERE for detailed helper info.) Your choir should have a minimum of two supervising staff members, including the Music Teacher, and a maximum of one to 25 students.

  • When do we learn the actions to the songs?

    All choreography will be provided on the website at the first workshop. It has been created so that students simply mirror the songs.  This is a stress-free part of the festival for teachers.

  • What do Music Conductors need to wear?

    All conductors and helpers need to wear all black clothing; this prevents any distraction from the students.   We’d love it if Music Teachers could wear their One Big Voice T-shirt for the performance, although this isn’t compulsory. These will be available for purchase at the workshops or through the website.


  • I have some students in my choir with Special Needs and one in a wheelchair.

    We are inclusive of all students. We ask that you notify us as soon as practical by email about any specific student needs. We will discuss this at the workshops but please do not leave this information until the last minute. This could impact on the placement of a choir on the performance floor. We are inclusive of all students.

  • Do I need to bring a First Aid Kit with me?

    Yes. You must also bring any medical action plans and specific medication for individual students. RAC Arena staff have access to some first aid, but this will be limited.

  • Students with identified medical conditions

    These students will be looked after by their own school helpers.

    e.g. asthma, severe allergies, epilepsy, diabetes.

  • What do my choir students need to wear?

    It is a prestigious venue, so we know all teachers will ensure students look smart. We recommend students wear their choir/school uniform shirts.

  • Where will students be eating their snack?

    The rehearsal for both Matinee and Evening concerts will only run for one hour.  A small meal could be eaten before arriving at the venue or students could have a small snack in the performance area at the end of the rehearsal.

    A small snack such as a muesli bar, sandwich and a  water bottle can be taken into the performance area and consumed after the rehearsal.

    Schools should be aware of nut and shellfish allergies and limit or not bring these foods. Please DO NOT order hot pizzas.  This creates a lot of rubbish and the residual smell is very unpleasant. It is also very unfair for students eating their sandwiches next door.

  • Can the students leave RAC Arena at any stage from the time they arrive before the end of the concert?

    No. This is a duty of care issue unless it is a medical condition.


  • How many helpers do we bring?

    The rehearsals are only for one hour so minimal helpers will be required. We suggest one helper per 25 children and extra helpers for children with special needs. A minimum of two staff including the Music Teacher is required.

    All helpers will receive a lanyard and no unauthorised people will be able to enter the venue.

  • What will my helpers be expected to do?

    Assist with students as required; supervision of students in their choir lines, toilets, water spills, first aid, etc.

    Your helpers will also need to wear all black clothing as they need to mingle in with your students, not sit at the edges.

  • Where will my helpers sit during the performance and how will they get access to the students?

    A minimum number of helpers will be seated along each side of the performance area, along with music teachers. Tickets will not be required, however a specific lanyard will be provided for helpers to stay in the bowl during the performance. Due to limited space, all other helpers without lanyards will be required to sit in the audience. Discounted tickets can be purchased at the time of registration or they are welcome to take an unused seat in the audience, (free of charge) although we can’t guarantee it will be in front of your choir.  We will be speaking about the helpers’ roles at the workshops.

Young Talent

Young Talent auditions will be held during the year.  Talented performers are selected to perform at each concert.


Premium  $58
Gold $43
Silver $35
Bronze $25
10% discount for group bookings of 4 or more tickets.
  • Are concession tickets available?

    Children under two are free, providing they share a seat with a parent.

    10% discount for group bookings of 4 or more tickets.


  • What seats will give the best view of my child?

    Tickets will be on sale from Ticketek in July and August.

    We publish a floor plan showing where each school is to be positioned, assisting patrons to purchase tickets with the best view of their child.

    Please note that purchasing tickets in the general vicinity should give a good view.

    Premium seats will be available.

  • Subsidised tickets

    Codes are given to teachers to pass on to parents who are unable to purchase full price tickets. We have a limited number of these tickets and there is a maximum of two tickets per family. The cost is $6/ticket.

  • School excursions - bringing groups other than the Choir

    Promo codes are available for schools to organise an excursion to the matinee performance. These tickets are for groups of students who are not performing to attend the  concert. Please contact us should you wish to purchase  tickets.

  • Will photos and DVDs be available?

    Our DVD production is a professional soundtrack of all songs run consecutively, with visual footage to accompany.  Speeches and comperes will be seen but not heard in the footage.   Order Forms will be sent home with your child and will also be available at the venue and on the One Big Voice website. They will be available as a DVD or a download option.

* this section is revised/updated throughout the year

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