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Many OBV songs feature parts for solo singers and small vocal groups. Children selected for these roles experience the thrill of performing before thousands of their peers, friends, families and supporters.

Selection for these roles is through audition. In 2021 the first audition stage will be via video upload.

Only teachers of participating OBV21 schools may nominate and register students. This is done via a registration form in the teacher’s area. Upon registration, every school will receive a unique upload link. We urge parents of nominated students to assist their teachers with the videoing process. Teachers may share their unique upload link with parents at their discretion.


·      Stage 1 of OBV21 soloist auditions will be via video upload. Closing date Friday 28 May.

·      Stage 2 will be an Allocation of Parts day for successful students, selected from the video uploads. This will be held on Saturday 12 June at the Wanneroo Cultural Centre, 3 Rocca Way, Wanneroo. Students will be allocated solo and vocal group parts.

The new video upload stage makes it possible for OBV to introduce a quota system whereby teachers may nominate up to one soloist per ten choir members, hence a choir of 37 for instance, is allowed 4 nominations. This provides equal opportunity irrespective of school size, makes it  more accessible for those in regional areas and is more immune to covid related disruption.

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