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OBV21 Studio Choir Program – FAQ

Why was the Studio Choir Program created?

OneBigVoice has grown to the point where it produces the recordings that are used by over 7000 children every school week. OBV versions are also increasingly used interstate and overseas. (The Scottish Glee Challenge of 5500 children used an OBV version as their feature song in 2019.) In the past, OBV had adults singing on their material but recognised the opportunity to give our own gifted kids that valuable experience while at the same time, making the recordings more authentic, relatable and more useful for teachers everywhere. In doing this, OBV aims to challenge and improve all Studio Choir Program singers because we believe this advances them, inspires others and helps build a culture of singing within our community.

Is the SCP open to everyone?

Currently the SCP is only available to students of schools participating in OneBigVoice for that year. The only exceptions are for existing SCP members who may apply to return for another year, regardless of what school they now attend.

Why does the program run in Terms 3 and 4?

In its yearly cycle, that is when OBV starts developing it’s repertoire for the following year (2022). In addition, the SCP conducts its holiday SUMMER SESSIONS in January. These are when smaller subsets of the choir gather to record at Hibiscus Studios in Girrawheen. These are fun, informal and FREE! 

How much does it cost?

In 2021, OBV is subsidising the program so that the cost is $250 per term plus $30 each for headphones and a shirt.

When are the sessions? How long are they?

In 2021 the first session will be on Wednesday 21 July from 4.15pm – 5.45pm, then fortnightly after that. Sessions go for 90 minutes. In the weeks in between, students receive mixes from the previous week to listen to. They also receive the new parts to learn for the next session. Choir members are expected to do this preparation.

Where are the recording sessions held?

Two sessions per term will be held at recording studios in Perth, one at North Metropolitan TAFE in Leederville, the other at Crank Recording in Northbridge, the most prestigious studio in Perth. The other sessions are held at Bambara PS in the north and Brentwood PS in the south. This is because SCP kids come from everywhere. (In 2020 there were members from Alkimos to Mandurah.) We want to make the travel requirements as fair as possible for families.

Who is at the sessions?

OBV’s music producer Brendan O’Brien is in charge of the program and will be present along with a specialist instructor such as WAAPA(Hons) graduate Keely O’Brien and respected performer and music specialist, Jenny Gaunt. OBV Creative Director Donna-Marwick O’Brien and other OBV team members such as Kiki McCormack and Jenni O’Byrne are also involved and bring huge experience to the program. All personnel hold current WWC cards. The program will also be calling for parent managers to participate in a similar manner to that used with junior sporting teams. Parents are welcome at all activities.

What happens in the solo sessions?

The solo sessions are one of the most popular features of the program. Solo singing is the other side of the SCP coin, requiring a different approach to choral singing. You will be working one on one in the studio with a producer exploring what it is that makes you unique. It is relaxed and fun. A parent is expected to be present as well. Each student is guaranteed a minimum of one solo session, although commonly extra sessions are offered. Each student receives a produced mix of their solo sessions. Here is one from 2020.

Mary Of York – OBV20 Studio Choir Feat. Bronwen Jones

Does the Studio Choir ever perform live?

Yes! Although the emphasis is on recording, the Studio Choir will appear at the massive OBV concert at RAC Arena on 20 August. Other live opportunities will be considered as they arise. In May 2021 for instance, members of the OBV20 SCP performed at the RAC Arena for the Perth Wildcats Indigenous Round game. As an elite sub-choir representing OBV, it is expected that opportunities such as this will present from time to time.


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Please contact OBV’s producer, Brendan O’Brien at if you require further information.

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