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OBV21 Studio Choir Program – Selection Information

Selection Policy

Entry into the program is via invitation, audition and interview. The initial round of invitations will be offered to exceptional young singers from schools participating in OBV21 who have been nominated by their teachers for soloist roles at the RAC Arena concert. Aspiring OBV21 soloists who upload a video for the first stage of concert auditions may be contacted by OBV through their teacher and invited to apply for a Studio Choir audition. This is independent of the concert soloist audition process.

Ongoing Membership

Members of the previous year’s Studio Choir can apply to continue in the program regardless of which school they now attend. This may be repeated yearly up to and including the year they turn 15. A special application form link will sent to these students via email in mid-May.

Selection Process

  • Stage 1 of OBV21 Studio Choir auditions will be via video upload. Soloists who have already submitted a video for concert roles will not need to do so again unless requested by OBV. Former SCP members will be provided with a unique upload link for their videos. Selected applicants will be invited to proceed to…
  • Stage 2. This will be a live, in-studio audition and interview to be held during June.
  • Students may also be offered a SCP studio audition via a strong performance at the concert soloists’ part allocation event.

The OBV21 Studio Choir will be announced on Friday 2 July.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Normal kids! We believe kids should be kids. We are not looking for pop stars. The program offers gifted young people the chance to explore their potential, build confidence and develop social and teamwork skills alongside others who are similarly gifted.
  • A natural and innate love of music and singing. The motivation must come from within.
  • Musical aptitude, pitch, timing, feel, expression, x-factor.
  • A team-first mentality, the ability to blend with others, musically and socially.
  • Discipline: Aspects of the program can be demanding. Proper preparation for each session is expected. Practice is expected. Sessions can require sustained periods of concentration.
  • Those for whom the above is their idea of fun!

Subjectivity and Feedback

  • A degree of subjectivity is inevitable. OBV will endeavour to provide constructive feedback if able, upon request. Your patience is appreciated as we are dealing with large numbers of applicants.
  • It is inevitable that the process will favour older, more mature children. However, younger applicants should still indicate YES for SCP when applying for a concert solo role as OBV is keen to identify and encourage talent early and encourage them with future years in mind. They may also be offered recognition as an E.T. which carries many benefits. (Find out more about E.Ts!)

E.Ts Selection

  • Younger students may be offered the opportunity to be recognised as an Emerging Talent.
  • E.Ts are selected from the video uploads phase as well as performance at the Part Audition event for concert soloists.

SCP Selection Process – Key Dates

  • Mid-May: application links sent to former SCP members
  • 28 May: video uploads close for OBV21 soloists from participating schools
  • 31 May – 7 June: Offers to apply for SCP auditions made to selected soloists
  • 4 June: video uploads close for former SCP members
  • 1-28 June: SCP live audition and interview sessions
  • Mid-June: offers for place in OBV21 SCP commence
  • 2 July: OBV21 Studio Choir announced
  • 21 July: SCP Commences. Fortnightly sessions. 5 per term.
  • 20 August: Studio Choir participate in OBV21 at RAC Arena.


Please contact OBV’s producer, Brendan O’Brien at if you require further information.

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