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Register here to audition to appear in the Young Talent segment at OBV21. Stage 1 will be via video upload.
  • Information

  • The Young Talent segment of the OBV concert has become a much sought after opportunity for aspiring young performers to hone their skills before a massive arena audience. They gain valuable experience and act as an inspiration for thousands of watching children. Many go on to great success, Sebastian Coe and Jordan Anthony being just two examples.


    Young Talent is open to all young West Australian performers.


    ·       Stage 1 of OBV21 Young Talent auditions will be via video upload or via YouTube or Vimeo link.

    ·       Stage 2 will be live auditions for successful applicants selected from submissions.  Venue and Date TBA.

    ·       Applicants must be turning 23 or under in 2021.

    ·       Groups/ensembles are welcome.

    After registering using the form below, applicants will receive a personal upload  link via email, with which to upload their video or YouTube/Vimeo link. Limit of one song/performance per applicant.



  • Registration

  • e.g. ROCK FROGS 4 piece rock band
  • If not solo please add extra names by clicking on + symbol
    First NameSurnameAge in 2021 
  • This must be an adult if performer is 15 or under in 2021.
  • This must be must be an adult if performer is 15 or under in 2021.
  • Please enter adult's mobile if performer is turning 15 or under in 2021.
  • Performers must accept the producers' decision with regard to placement. However, if you have a preference please indicate here.

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