Song Choices

Friday 18th August 2017, 6pm – Perth Arena

The benefits of positive thinking and positive attitude are well documented. Researchers continually find that people with positive attitudes are happier, healthier, and live longer than those with negative attitudes towards life.

Affirmations are thoughts repeated over and over in our heads. By continually repeating an affirmation, it becomes embedded into the subconscious mind and eventually becomes the reality of the thinker,this is true whether these thoughts are positive or negative.

Lyrics of catchy songs are repeated over and over in our heads and would have the same result as affirmation. Many of today’s songs have great tunes, but the lyrics can be negative. One has to wonder about the potential damage caused by some of the lyrics that children are listening to within the general media – Songs about depression, suicide, violence, gangs, etc.

If 4,000 children are learning and singing songs about peace, joy, love, harmony and other positive messages, what kind of a difference could that make?

Surely this can go a long way to negating these other negative messages.

The lyrics of One Big Voice are carefully chosen with this in mind.

  1. One Big Voice *
  2. Aussie Kumbaya*
  3. Rain Song *
  4. Mary of York*
  5. Jingle Bells*
  6. Aussie Outback – Madeleine Speelman
  7. Try Everything – Shakira
  8. Out Of This World – Carmel Charlton
  9. Why We Sing** – Greg Gilpin
  10. I Love My Life – Robbie Williams
  11. We’re All In This Together
    – High School Musical
    (Finalé for students and teachers)

*   Songs have been written or arranged by
     Donna Marwick-O’Brien for One Big Voice.

** Copyright is included in registration fees
     except for "Why We Sing".

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Friday 18th August 2017, 6pm – Perth Arena

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