Friday 18th August 2017, 6pm – Perth Arena

Amazing night! So proud of my daughter & her best friend who performed the national anthem in sign language. Something they will remember forever!
– Alison, Parent

It was a wonderful concert, and the atmosphere was electric, positive and vibrant. All of the students involved participated enthusiastically and to a high standard. 
– Samantha M., Dryandra Primary School

Oh my gosh! What an awesome event. Congratulations to all involved committee, students, music teachers, staff and sound company at the Arena. I was in tears numerous times throughout the evening. You guys rocked the Arena tonight. 
– Katherine A.

Wow... just wow! It was such a joy to watch… Congratulations to ALL involved... it was amazing! 
– Zoe

Congrats guys, a mammoth effort. It was a wonderful experience. Lots of hard work and dedication plus support from our parents.  It all came together. Rest up now for a few weeks and then get cracking for next year.
– Website review

Thank you so much for absolutely everything! You guys are amazing with all of your hard work, passion, dedication, support and encouragement! It was an absolute pleasure and honour to be a part of your concert. Thank you for everything. Now have a well-deserved break 
– Jenni– Anne

What a brilliant music festival showcasing the talents of so many children. The parents were so impressed and said it was so wonderful; a highlight of the school year. We will definitely be part of this festival next year. Thanks to the committee who made this magical event possible.
– Teacher

An inspirational and outstanding festival—the best I have ever been to.  Thank you for all the hard work of the fantastic committee who are so dedicated. Our choir said they loved the whole experience and said they couldn't wait for next year. Parents raved about this festival and said it was the highlight of the school year... Congratulations and thank you.
– Teacher

It was a really great night. I couldn't even begin to imagine organising such a big event for little kids. The whole night seemed to be so well organised; loved every minute! The kids came back to us at the end of the night happy & chatty about their experiences, well done.
– Katherine B., Parent

 It was the first time that SO many children had sung together at the same time! There were almost 4000 students there and even more parents who came to listen and support their children. During some songs, the parents turned on their phone lights, and the effect was just magical! The screen was enormous, and the lighting added to the effects.  We all made so many wonderful memories, and we will remember it for the rest of our lives! 
– Student review,  Pearsall Primary School

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Friday 18th August 2017, 6pm – Perth Arena

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